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FinFit mortgage brokers will help you refinance the right way.

When life changes, so should your loan. Whether you want to lower your repayments, access equity, consolidate debts, unlock new loan features or simply get a better deal on your interest rate (with no fees to you).
Always trying to find the best value for the products/mortgage lenders on the market and look after your financial needs!

Phil and Donna are great, knowledgeable, passionate people and such a pleasure to deal with! Highly recommend to everyone!

Svetlana Tsaregorodtseva

How it works


Let’s chat

We’ll take a look at your whole financial picture, give you a clear idea of exactly how much you can borrow and explore how a loan will fit with your lifestyle today and your plans for the future. Book a call with our team.


Compare and explore

Together, we’ll explore different loan types and options from over 40 lenders and our team will provide the best advice and recommendations for you. We'll also review any government concessions you may be eligible for and break down your repayments, deposits, and any other costs.


Preapproval to settlement

We’ll do the legwork to get your preapproval sorted so you can move quickly to make an offer and be in a great position to negotiate. Then, we’ll handle all the paperwork to make sure you settle on time—taking the stress out of the whole process from start to finish.



Your mortgage should never be a ‘set and forget’ which is why our work doesn’t stop at settlement. We’ll review your loan yearly to make sure you have the best deal and the right features to suit your finances.

How does your loan compare?

Check your interest rate, fees and charges against competitors and see how much you could save by refinancing your loan.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do FinFit mortgage brokers get paid?

We receive a commission from your lender when your loan is finalised and charge no fees to you. While commissions are important to keep our business running, it’s even more important that we get the right fit loan for you. We are a privately owned, family-led business, which means we aren’t owned by or aligned with any specific financial institution, product or offer. We have wonderful, long-standing relationships with all our clients and we do this work to see you succeed.

Why refinance?

Refinancing your loan should ultimately help you enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle today, pay less in the long run or leverage your equity to achieve your life goals. We can help you achieve these things through a range of strategies including lowering your interest rate, fees or monthly repayments, consolidating other high-interest debts into a single loan, accessing your home equity for larger expenses, or unlocking different product features like redrawing facilities or offset accounts.

When is the right time to refinance?

It could be the right time to consider refinancing if the market has changed, your equity has grown or credit score has improved, your fixed-rate period is expiring or you’re assessing options to finance a significant purchase. Regardless of changes in your life or the market, your mortgage should never be a ‘set and forget’. We’ll help you decide whether now is the right time to refinance and review your loan yearly to make sure it remains the best fit for you.

How does a mortgage broker or financial adviser assist in the refinancing process?

We help you understand your financial options and make sure refinancing is the best move for your. We leverage our extensive knowledge of the loan market to find the best refinancing options based on your goals and financial situation. We handle all the admin and applications. We save you time and stress. And we keep you on track to your goals!

What fees are involved in refinancing?

We don’t charge you a fee for our refinancing services but you can be up for fees like loan application fees, valuation fees, and break costs (if you're breaking a fixed-term loan). We’ll help you negotiate the best deal with the lowest fees, give you a breakdown of all costs and help you decide whether the long-term benefits of refinancing are worth it.

How long does the refinancing process usually take?

It varies depending on the complexity of the finances and loans involved, but typically, the process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months.

How often can I refinance my home loan?

As often as you like, although the potential costs may not be worth doing it too frequently. When you partner with FinFit mortgage brokers, we’ll review your loan every year and can explore your financial situation and options at any time.

Can I consolidate other debts when I refinance?

Yes! Consolidating other high-interest debts like credit cards into your mortgage can be a smart strategy to lower your total monthly debt payments and pay less over time.

What's the difference between refinancing with FinFit mortgage brokers vs working directly with a bank or lender?

Working directly with a bank or lender limits you to their specific products. At FinFit, we have in-depth knowledge of the current market, products and offers and have great relationships with more than 40 banks and lenders which ultimately gives you more options for a lot less work! We also work to understand your whole financial picture to make the best recommendations for you.

Do I need a new home appraisal when refinancing?

In many cases, yes. Lenders often require an updated valuation of your property to determine the current value and how much they're willing to lend. We’ll work with you through this process to make it as streamlined and straightforward as possible.

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