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We ensure you have the right investment strategy and opportunities to achieve your goals.

Whether you want to add an income stream with a rental property, optimise your tax or grow your wealth— at FinFit we don’t just help you secure your investment loan..

How it works


Let’s chat

Together, we’ll explore your plans and goals when it comes to property investment, create a forecast for ongoing management and maintenance costs, assess all your options and advise on the best investment strategy for you.


Finding the right loan

We’ll help you navigate the nuances of investment loans and recommend the best-fit lending solution for you from more than 40 providers. We’ll also secure the all-important loan preapprovals to strengthen your negotiating position.


Finding the right opportunity

With your unique financial situation and goals in mind, we can provide advice on opportunities and refer you to our network of specialists to help find the right property in the right location to maximise your present income and future returns.


Prepare for the unexpected

We’ll help you with investment strategies to protect your investment and a plan to build a financial buffer so you’re ready to manage and bounce back from the unexpected.


High-performing portfolio

We’ll monitor your investment income, regularly review your loans and make sure you continue to have the right strategy to meet your goals now and get great returns in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many lenders do you have access to?

We’ll recommend the best products and offers for you based on more than 40 providers including big banks, credit unions, local lenders and other financial institutions.

Do I have to commit to a loan if I work with you?

No, working with a broker doesn’t mean you're committed to any loan. We provide options and advice, but the final decision is always yours.

How much do you charge for your property investment services?

We’ll create a custom quote for your needs that includes financial planning and investment advice. Our mortgage broking services are free to you—we receive a commission from your lender when your loan is finalised. While commissions are important to keep our business running, it’s even more important that we provide the best advice to you. We are a privately owned, family-led business, which means we aren’t owned by or aligned with any specific financial institution, product or offer. We have wonderful, long-standing relationships with all our clients and we do this work to see you succeed.

How will you help me understand the risks and rewards associated with property investment?

First, we get to know you and your unique situation, then we provide comprehensive insights into market trends, potential returns, associated risks, and strategies to mitigate them.

Can you assist with refinancing or restructuring my property portfolio?

Absolutely. Every service we offer takes your whole financial wellbeing into consideration and we can offer guidance not just on acquiring properties but also on managing and optimising your property investment portfolio over time.

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