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FinFit mortgage brokers make home loans simple.

Whether you’re buying your first home, planning to move or renovate, investing in the property market or simply want a better deal on your existing mortgage.
And we’re not just here to crunch numbers, negotiate deals and handle paperwork so there’s less stress for you. We’re here to make sure your loan fits your life— so you can realise your dreams today while continuing to chase your goals for the future.
FinFit mortgage brokers are based in Brisbane and the Gold Coast and work with clients right across Australia.
Without the support of FinFit, I would not have been able to purchase my first home.

Donna and Rhys went above and beyond to ensure I met all criteria for finance approval, despite having somewhat challenging circumstances. I can not thank them enough for being my rock through this process, and helping me set myself up for my future.

Alex Woods
A scary process was made so much easier with Donna’s support, attentiveness and genuine care.

Donna broke down the process and patiently presented us with the best options from top to bottom. She was genuinely interested in our housing options, excitedly called us when we were close to buying and sent us building reports without us having to ask. When it came to buying our home, Donna was on call and ready to lock in the mortgage we wanted.

Claire Obelaid

How it works


Let’s chat

We’ll take a look at your whole financial picture, give you a clear idea of exactly how much you can borrow and explore how a loan will fit with your lifestyle today and your plans for the future. Book a call with our team.


Compare and explore

Together, we’ll explore different loan types and options from over 40 lenders and our team will provide the best advice and recommendations for you. We'll also review any government concessions you may be eligible for and break down your repayments, deposits, and any other costs.


Preapproval to settlement

We’ll do the legwork to get your preapproval sorted so you can move quickly to make an offer and be in a great position to negotiate. Then, we’ll handle all the paperwork to make sure you settle on time—taking the stress out of the whole process from start to finish.



Your mortgage should never be a ‘set and forget’ which is why our work doesn’t stop at settlement. We’ll review your loan yearly to make sure you have the best deal and the right features to suit your finances.

40+ Banks & Lenders

100s of Happy Homeowners

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a mortgage broker do?

A mortgage broker acts as an intermediary between you and potential lenders. Typically, they’ll help you find the best mortgage rates and terms based on your individual needs and the current market. They’ll also take care of the paperwork, negotiations and admin on your behalf. At FinFit, we don’t stop there, because we know your home loan is only one piece of your financial picture. Our team will also work with you to understand your life and your goals, help you explore all your financial options and keep you on track long after settlement is done.

How do FinFit mortgage brokers get paid?

We receive a commission from your lender when your loan is finalised and charge no fees to you. While commissions are important to keep our business running, it’s even more important that we get the right fit loan for you. We are a privately owned, family-led business, which means we aren’t owned by or aligned with any specific financial institution, product or offer. We have wonderful, long-standing relationships with all our clients and we do this work to see you succeed.

Will working with FinFit mortgage brokers cost me more than going directly to a bank?

Not at all. We don’t charge you a mortgage broking fee and our aim is to get you the best-fit loan at the most competitive rate with a lot less work and hassle than you could on your own. We’re across all the latest products and offers and have great relationships with all major banks as well as a huge range of local lenders. And we do all the research, phone calls, admin, paperwork and negotiating on your behalf.

How many lenders do you have access to?

We’ll recommend the best products and offers for you based on more than 40 providers including big banks, credit unions, local lenders and other financial institutions.

Do I have to commit to a loan if I work with you?

No, working with a broker doesn’t mean you're committed to any loan. We provide options and advice, but the final decision is always yours.

What's the difference between a fixed and variable rate?

A fixed-rate means your interest rate remains constant for a specified period, while a variable rate can fluctuate. When you work with us we’ll help you understand the pros and cons of all the options available based on current market conditions and your specific financial situation.

I’m not sure I have enough saved or the right credit score to buy my first home, can you help?

Absolutely! We’ll help you get a clear picture of your overall finances, explore all available options, make recommendations on specialised loans and products that could be a good fit, determine whether you’re eligible for government concessions and make a plan together that will get you closer to buying your first home.

How long does the home loan application process usually take with a mortgage broker?

The timeline can vary based on the complexity of the loan, your preparedness, and the lender's processes. No matter how involved the process, we’ve seen it all before! We’ll manage the paperwork and negotiations efficiently and guide you through every step to make the process as streamlined and speedy as possible—and ensure you settle on time.

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